Sign-Up at 7:30pm / Start time 8:00pm
$5 Entry, House matches the pot

Tournament Rules:

  • Double Elimination
  • BCA Rules – Call pocket, ball in hand
    • Flip or lag for break; open after break
    • Alternate breaks
    • 8 on the break is not a win
    • Scratch on the 8 is not a loss if 8 remains on table
  • Separate tournaments for “A” and “B” Players
    • “A” players = APA 6 and above; APA 7’s go to 3
    • “B” players = APA 5 and below
    • New players without established handicap will play in “A” bracket
  • House matches the pot; pot is split between two tournaments
  • Handicaps
    • Consecutive wins in “A” bracket result in +1 handicap
    • Consecutive wins in “B” bracket results in moving to “A” bracket